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Sense - Transmit - Manage

Factory specialists. We develop and implement innovative solutions in the field of IIoT to improve intralogistics.. Our focus is on the energy-efficient and wireless transmission of sensor data and the digital mapping of processes.. Based on this , we create individually tailored solutions for a zero error rate, high cost efficiency and transparent data management.

Automated material replenishment:
Just in Time with eKanban

eKanban – the Kanban evolution: eKanban enables a material replenishment without the use of Kanbancards. The order requirement is recognized by sensors and triggers a replenishment order automatically This ensures that the replenishment processes are initated by radio. At the same time, all material movement data and inventories in the ERP are transparent and accessible in real time.

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IoT in the wireless network: WSNet solution

WSNet WSNet is an innovative wireless sensor network for IIoTapplications in industrial halls. It offers decisive advantages in the areas of range, interference immunity and power consumption. WSNet is physically based on LoRa™ technology.. WSN provides a tailor-made solution for the respective application. In the WSNet, only as much energy is used for sending and receiving data as is actually required.

Scanners, roller conveyor sensors and call buttons 

Selected radio sensors to improve intralogistics: Intelligent and scalable hardware is required for data acquisition and transmission within a system. Discover our product portfolio with hardware for secure data transmission, for wireless scanning or notification of material requirements at the push of a button and much more.

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