Digital Diary

IIoT platform for the analysis and evaluation of machine and tool data

The digital diary is an IIoT solution that enables complete inventory management including maintenance alarms and usage data from machines and tools used across locations. With integrated and expandable IoT functionalities, the platform paves the way for new digital business models such as pay-per-use. Additionally, monitoring mechanisms such as “Condition Monitoring” and “Predictive Maintenance” are also possible in areas where data is still manually recorded.

Collect data centrally

In the digital diary, all machine and tool data from different sources can be stored centrally and digitally. This includes, for example, paper, data interfaces to machines as well as WSN sensors. The data depth can be determined individually and can be defined according to organizational needs.

Analyze and evaluate data

The digital diary offers both, the provider of tools and machines and the user an overview of all devices as well as their condition, use and current location. At the push of a button, data can be called up which, for example, , makes it possible to clearly identify a machine and locate it at its current location. Analyzes of different aspects, such as optimizing the maintenance intervals of tools, can also be carried out easily.

Using data: new business models

Actual wear and damage can be detected and reported by attaching wireless sensors. For example, a fee can be charged based on the actual usage (pay-per-use). This allows completely new business models in the field of tools and machines as well as in the monitoring of consignment warehouses distributed worldwide.

Using data: predictive maintenance

High-quality tools are often used for hours or shifts before they come into maintenance for grinding, deburring or polishing. Service intervals are based on standardized and human experience. It is possible to derive models with the help of sensor monitoring and digital data analysis. On this basis, maintenance intervals can be calculated individually for each device and any damage that may occur can be predicted. The sensors used, enable the proper maintenance and use of machines and tools at the same time. In this way, the service life of the tools can be maximized on the basis of well-founded data. Special sensors also allow early detection of problems, e.g. by measuring vibrations or excessive temperatures.

Complete solution:

The complete solution comprises four building blocks and ensures the following benefits

  • Reduce machine and tool costs through organization and proper maintenance
  • Supplement existing business with digital business models and make them future-proof
  • Complete rental and usage documentation
  • Machine and tool location
  • Cross-customer and cross-industry database

Building Block 1: data platform in the cloud or on-premise

This is where all data flows.

Building Block 2: sensors

The second building block of the complete solution is a wireless sensor system. This records and collects data from machines and tools, stores it temporarily and forwards it to a mobile device via near-field radio. Alternatively, the sensors can also transmit the data independently and permanently to the central platform. Depending on the tool and requirements, the sensors can record temperature, shock, rotation, vibration, acceleration, humidity, brightness and other data. They are designed specifically for the integration of the relevant tool.

Building Block 3: App

An app that employees in production, maintenance or logistics have installed on a smartphone, for example, to record tool data. With the app on the mobile device, users can check the tool or machine in and out at any station. The current data of the object can be read out via radio. Manual reports via the app and the upload of other media (e.g. photos, videos) that affect the tool or the process are also possible. This data is transferred from the mobiledeviceto the cloud platform so that the location of the tool and its use can be viewed online at any time by authorized employees using a mobile device or a browser.

Building Block 4: Provider Platform

Providers and their customers receive a platform in which all data can be called up and analyzed. As an example for billing, controlling, maintenance and location.

Digitization now?

Digitization investments for medium-sized companies are financially supported by the federal and state governments. In this way you can minimize investment costs with the help of state subsidies. One of the most attractive funding models is the “Digital Now!” funding program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).