Individual solutions

Individual solutions Turnkey and individual IIoT solutions

Every IIoT project starts with an idea. For example, creating a new business model or making existing processes more efficient. Each IIoT project is very unique. That is why all IIoT solutions from WSN are individually tailored to the respective customer needs. More than 80 hardware and software engineers, ERP and IIoT experts at WSN and the parent company Inwerken ensure tailor-made solutions that mostly pursue the following goals:

  • Digitization of data collection
  • Real-time analytics
  • Networking and acceleration of operational processes
  • Error reduction in manual processing
  • Error reduction in forwarding
  • Intelligent decisions based on data
  • Connection of Operation Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT)

What can an IIoT solution look like in solid terms?

To give a better idea of what individual IIoT solutions can look like, two examples from our WSN practice are provided:

Example 1: Individual IIoT solution – digital diary tool leasing

Machine data that employees have read and documented in writing for years after each shift can be automatically recorded and digitally archived with the digital diary. Appropriate sensors are also used to record data that has not yet been measured. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance become a feasible reality here.

Example 2: Individual IIoT solution – eKanban system for manufacturers of industrial consumer goods

Until now, employees have periodically checked the relevant shelves at consumers’ premises and the material replenishment requirement was reported to the manufacturer with a delay of several days. If the corresponding storage locations and shelves are equipped with sensors, the storage location transmits the withdrawals to the manufacturer’s systems and thus triggers the replenishment process in real time. In this way, unnecessary safety stocks can be reduced, the manufacturer’s route planning for replenishment can be optimized, paperwork and e-mail traffic as well as manual errors can be avoided. The manufacturer scores with hitherto unknown response times.

Similarities of IIoT solutions

  1. Sensors:

Sensors that collect the required data. To do this, WSN engineers adapt the appropriate sensors to the environmental conditions of the customer application. Temperature, heat, shock resistance, industrial conditions – WSN designs housings and mounts for the respective application. WSN connects the sensors with the appropriate radio technologies and Edge Gateway so that the data is passed on efficiently and reliably.

  1. Software:

WSN develops and integrates appropriate apps for the evaluation and visualization of the sensor data, customer-specific control stations, alarm systems and messenger systems, for the administration and configuration of the sensors. For the browser, tablet, smartphone.

  1. Integration and communication:

The WSN’s experts ensure that all common interfaces are used, that the IIoT solution communicates with the existing IT systems and is integrated into SAP, for example. Whether on-premise or in the cloud.

IIoT turnkey solutions - hardware and software from a single source

In the first step, our WSN experts record the goals and wishes. We then present solution approaches and create an individual IIoT solution according to the stated goals. The more precise recording of the process and the conception begins. With the specified requirements, we develop the appropriate software modules and integrate them into the existing systems. The sensors used within the solutions are also adapted to individual requirements. We are also happy to install the systems on site and carry out the commissioning together with you. In addition, our WSN team offers 24/7 support. You will receive a turnkey IIoT solution from us. All from a single source.