Automate your material replenishment
in production and logistics

Good reasons to automate your material supply

Efficiency increase

Continuous monitoring of the material stock by means of sensors and automatic triggering of orders can prevent bottlenecks and ensure smooth material availability. This reduces manual work processes, saves time and increases overall warehouse performance.

Cost reduction

Automated material replenishment helps reduce costs. Precise inventory control allows companies to minimize overstocks and achieve optimal use of their storage capacity. Reducing bottlenecks and delivery delays leads to a lower likelihood of emergency orders and associated additional costs.

Improved supply chain

The automated material replenishment process enables a faster and more responsive supply chain. Materials are reordered in a timely manner, resulting in continuous availability of materials and shortening provisioning times.

Whitepaper: Automated material replenishment
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The component of the solution

Smart sensors

Our smart sensors continuously monitor material inventory. Depending on the application, different sensors are used. If required, we will work with you to create customized solutions.

Transfer of requirements

The requirements are transmitted by radio. By using LoRa as radio technology, 2-3 gateways per hall are sufficient.

Integration of data into processes

Our system is not only intelligent, but also flexible. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing downstream systems, making it easy to use sensor data in your processes.

Sensors for automated material supply

Improve productivity with our automated replenishment solution
Our IIoT solutions can help reduce waste and increase productivity through automated material replenishment.

The automation of material replenishment in 5 steps

Free potential check

In a no-obligation initial meeting, we focus on getting to know your company and its requirements for automated material replenishment.In the framework, we evaluate how much your company can benefit from automated material replenishment.

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On-site appointment

We walk through the hall together, recording the hardware you need and discussing specifics of your halls and processes, as well as integration with your systems.

Test phase

During the test phase, some of the sensors are installed and connected to the test system. In this phase, employees get to know the solution and gain initial experience with the system.

Go Live

After the successful test phase, the sensors are connected to the productive system.

Hypercare / Support

Throughout the project and beyond, our staff will be at your disposal. Especially in the period after the Go Live, many questions arise. User Support team is available to provide you with the best possible support within Hypercare and beyond.

Whitepaper: Automated material replenishment
Learn more about the advantages of our sensor solutions! Download our whitepaper now!