Automated material replenishment control (AMS) as an eKanban solution

Problem in industrial production

In industrial production, the degree of complexity, flexibility and variety is increasing. As a result, the available space for materials at the assembly site is becoming restricted and disruptions in the supply of materials are causing additional costs.

The cost-effective supply of the right material at the required quantity is a growing logistical challenge.

System Solutions

You can face up to these challenges, with the Automated Material Replenishment Control System (AMS) from WSN as an eKanban solution. A network of sensors (WSNet) equipped with the latest radio technology automatically records the specific material requirements as they arise and transmits them to the materials management system without any delay.

While the WSNet roller conveyor sensors reliably report the current occupancy status of the KLT (small load carrier) replenishment locations to the WSNet Gateway, our WSNet call buttons also enable an immediate error-free material request for GLT (large load carrier) at the push of a button.

The clear status visualization of all eKanban places takes place via the AMS control station software.


The AMS system from WSN enables the flexible and highly efficient design of your Kanban material supply.

Decisive advantages compared to conventional systems:

– Recording and reporting of requirements in real time
– Scalable up to several thousand monitored bin locations

– Inexpensive to install and maintain
– Simple operation and connection to existing ERP systems

– Wireless, interference-resistant and energy-efficient sensors

– Only one or a few base stations (WSNet gateways) required

– Range of up to 1 km indoors and battery life of around 18 months

– Error minimization through high degree of automation

– High level of data security thanks to the double AES encryption

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